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                                                                                                      Artist Statement:

Kia Ora Tatou!

Now based in Coromandel town, I grew up on a remote farm in Taranaki. Following University in Auckland, I spent most of my Adult life on an extended OE in Europe, starting with a grape harvest in France, later surviving Chernobyl and the fall of the Iron Curtain, and finishing in the technology industry in Frankfurt.
While at school, I received the first awards and prizes for drawing, and have continued to develop the skills and explore various media throughout my life, and regularly had drawings, cartoons and illustrations published in Europe. Now back in NZ, my art often reflects those contrasting influences of an uncomplicated heartland Kiwi upbringing and an urban continental-European lifestyle.
My recent work - light-hearted and vivid acrylic paintings depicting bach life, beach fun and farm scenes, tramping, etc - should be universally familiar to Kiwi senses.
I also carry my travel sketchbook wherever I go in the world, and some find my pen&wash urban sketches both accessible, immediate, and evocative of time and place. 

Examples of my work are held in collections in Europe and North America and my latest output can be viewed in real time by following my Instagram feed @bobvondrummond or my Facebook Page (search for "Ceeb Art Studio”)

During the Arts Tour, I will be one of the artists in residence at the Old Hospital Building at the top end of Coromandel Town - see  Map
At other times, you can contact me via one of these channels:

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