Carolyn Mary Bayliss

My Art
Artist Statement



What does that mean? First, it means a desire to express oneself without words, to learn a language without a teacher. It means to look beneath the surface of other art works, old masters and contemporary alike, and try to work out how to get there without a road map. It means reading, observing, practicing, messing up, tearing up, getting up and trying again.  Talking to others, sharing ideas, playing with different techniques and media, getting lost and then finding the way.


Two steps forward, one step backwards. Trying to stretch the first two into three.


As a result, my subject matter is very diverse. The excitement of harvesting vegetables from the garden inspired a series of still life paintings. Watching  the gradual opening of the magnolia flowers compelled me to research ways to convey the beauty that nature exposes so fleetingly. The power and energy of the ocean rolling in or a storm passing by brings the desire to paint light and movement so you, the viewer, can feel it.


Oil paint is my preferred medium, because I find I can manipulate colours more easily and blend them on the work. However, I have recently dabbled with acrylic paint because of its rapid drying qualities and the resulting winter seascape.


This is my fourth Arts Tour and I will open my own garden studio this year for the event. Hope to see you there!

You can ring me on 021 204 4265