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           My Art

Artist's Statement

I am a self taught artist based in Coromandel. As a teenager I was talked out of going to fine arts school by my "well-meaning" parents saying that one could not make a living from art. Ever since then I have dabbled in art and in recent years it has become my main focus.


Traditionally a painter, I currently work mostly with clay. Over the last couple of years I have journeyed from the depths of the divine feminine to feeling a deep reverence for our Great Earth Mother, Papatuanuku/Gaia/Pachamama. My current works are inspired by ancient Earth Mother figures, Celtic myths and explorations of the various different feminine archetypes.


My home studio can be visited year round by appointment or come and see me at The Hub during the Coromandel Open Studios Arts Tour.



t:  022 695 9736



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