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Artist's Statement

While I was born and raised in Berlin, I’ve called Coromandel my home since late 2000. My urban German background and extensive experience of (rural) New Zealand life inform much of my work as NZ artist. Being a citizen of a country that I haven’t grown up in gives me a unique perspective and astute awareness of the subtle nuances inherent to NZ society, cultures and traditions, and I keep a keen eye on our way of life, our customs, heritage, habits and values.


In my work I often invite viewers to challenge their established viewpoints by offering a different and often unconventional perspective, and to take a fresh look at the validity of accepted conventions. This can span as wide as from the relativity of beauty and impermanence; war remembrance and nationalism; multi-culturalism and veiled racism; the environment; connection to self and others – or the lack thereof; economic, political and digital systems and the advance of corporate control; all the way to simply a reverence for life, and awe in face of the beauty that surrounds us.


I have been using manual screen printing as my preferred medium, utilising found materials like old timber, car panels, and others as substrates. With a graphic design background I have a unique skill set at my disposal that I add into the mix to edit and combine ink drawings, photography and typography in order to create my unique compositions.


More recently my focus has shifted towards conceptual work, extensively engaging in specific subjects, and realising these works as comprehensive projects/installations. The majority of my work is very specific to New Zealand culture.


My work has been widely exhibited, and is held in collections throughout NZ and overseas.


“Iconic work. Something especially New Zealand.” (TJ McNamara, NZ Herald 2010)




Daniel Kirsch artist studio:

1682C Manaia Rd/SH25, Preeces Point, RD1

Coromandel 3581

Google Maps precise location: 36°47'48.1"S 175°30'25.8"E

t:  (07) 866 8868



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