Deborah Hide-Bayne

My Art
Artist Statement

I’ve been making art in one form or another since 1988. I trained as a fine art printmaker in Central St. Martins’ School of Art and Design in London and although I do less printmaking these days, that training still informs the way I work, which is in series, exploring one idea more fully by producing multiple copies or variants of it.

At the moment I am rediscovering life drawing, and enjoying the challenge of capturing the human form in line and shade. I am also playing with the idea of weaving; not traditional kete in flax but exploring other mediums in which to weave. The amount of single use plastic we produce as a society concerns me greatly so I am using waste plastic as my main medium.

Writing and photography are also interests of mine, and these came together with my art and love of food in a book, Coromandel Flavour, which I published a few years ago. Some of the illustrations for the book were prints I made directly from the fruit or vegetable itself.  I am working on a second book now and regularly blog about food and art projects that I am working on.

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