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Artist Bio

Diann’s background is in design and graphics, illustrating every detail in pen or pencil.


Now her work is generally in acrylic on canvas, striving to represent the energy of the local social and physical environment with a vigorous style of brush stroke.


While maintaining the characteristic broad brush strokes, recent works take on a spontaneity through line and blocks of colour with a greater freedom of expression.


Diann develops her work with attention to form, composition and colour.  “My paintings are fresh and light and wholly accessible to the viewer.  Working on canvas and creating washed sketches on paper, I enjoy sharing my images of sea, land, bushscapes, still life and people.”


The pages of her sketchbooks, and prepaintings on brown paper are testament to her thoughtful process. “I used to do tight pencil drawings, a result of my work as an industrial designer.  I took up painting to lose edges.  Now I have come back to my drawing skills, but I am sketching with a brush.”