Genevieve Morley

My Art
Artist Statement

My painting style is most of the time full of colour.  I love experimenting with images and I layer the paint in a series of steps which sees the paint get put on the canvas to only then be taken off or painted over.  This labour intensive technique is very interesting to me as I find it mysterious and exciting.  What happens when I use this technique is that shapes and images start to reveal themselves and then its pretty strait forward from there to bring them to life.  


I like creating art that is different and I'm very inspired by the Fibonacci sequence and nature.  Equally so I love drawing faces and that will be one of the first things I draw on to a piece of paper if in front of me.  Sometimes as I'm drawing people or faces half way through I realise the picture I have just drawn looks very similar to the woman down the road or the guy who served me at the petrol station.  My art for me is mostly about this process of seeing what will come which is full of spontaneous entertainment

I'm currently working on a 10 meter long mural for the Coromandel Pre School which I designed.

You can visit me at my home anytime by appointment.  

I am located at Fern Lodge

Alfred Street


Ph: 027 663 3031