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           My Art

Artist's Statement

As a visual artist of light and colour, capturing the light is everything when I paint.  It is always the light that offers soft or vibrant changes to each work, whether it be in my chosen mediums of pastel, oil or acrylics.  It is my inspiration, changing with the  seasons, the subtle tones and values transforming shapes and landscapes in just a matter of seconds as they are laid on the canvas. My style is flexible, my genres varied, and the mediums I use altering with each piece, offering the viewer an opportunity to enjoy a wide, unique and original range of artwork.


Coromandel seems the ideal place to nurture my art passion, so I moved here last year and opened The Oaks Gallery.  You are invited to visit and take some time to enjoy my paintings, hung for your viewing and purchase. I am usually in my studio and workshop onsite, and always happy to discuss any work or commission with you. 


Visit my studio and gallery - The Oaks Gallery.



The Oaks Gallery
30 Driving Creek Rd

t: 022 323 1465



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