Artist Bio


Handmade jewellery exudes an immense amount of emotional soul. Created lovingly and inspired by our evolving New Zealand landscape and Kiwi spirit.


Adding a twist to the classics…


Designer and owner Julie Pijfers took a leap of faith into jewellery design after many years of hairdressing in the Netherlands. Already a creative spirit with a love for fashion and art, the progression from one to the other was natural. Her first taste of the industry was with the help of Mike Platje and Geoff Taylor, both manufacturing jewellers from the Waikato, who guided her through her apprenticeship and taught her classic and traditional techniques from the onset.


Taking these skills, Julie ventured out alone and has now been designing unique and eclectic jewellery for 16 years. Previously she showcased these in exhibitions and art galleries nationwide, but has recently opened her own gallery space in the stunning Coromandel to display her pieces.


Creating keepsakes…

The love for colour is evident throughout her work and using an array of precious stones and metals, Julie creates one off, individual designs that are truly unique, ‘I like each piece to tell a story.  There are so many facets to each design and each piece encompasses an intangible, soulful feeling that I like to think can be passed on through generations.'


Julie maintains one line of jewellery that covers a range of varied and exciting flavours.  Inspiration is pulled from paua, koru, freeform organic gold and semi precious stones to develop an eclectic mix of style in earrings, necklaces and show stopping rings. ‘For me it’s all about blending mixtures and colours but always maintaining that feminine touch to my pieces. In a male dominant industry, I believe that’s really important.’



The journey…

Her design process is never the same and each journey starts differently, ‘Sometimes it’s with a stone, or letting the design develop around that stone and sometimes it’s a more structural approach with a design concept already in mind. It may even be discarded items that start to take shape into something exciting and evocative.’


Julie’s unique jewellery is a stark contrast to the mass produced products we see a lot of today. Each pieces shines with individuality and makes for a wonderful corporate gift or to send to loved ones abroad.

Julie's new Studio is open most days and will be open during the Art Tour,  stop in and see her studio in the main street, she would love to meet  you.  -      Julie Pijfers Designer Jeweller

                                          46 Kapanga Road,

                                          Coromandel Town.

                                          MOBILE +0064 211570040