Kay Ogilvie

Potter & Sculptor
Artist Statement
I first felt the magic of clay when pottery was one of the subjects taught in the design course I was doing a Tai Tokerau Polytech, in Whangarei, in 1993. 
I was immediately enchanted by the feel of clay, the way it responded to every touch, the heat and noise of the kiln being fired, the buckets of sludgy glaze that would transform (usually!) into beautiful colours.  I am as captivated by that magic as much today.  Still experimenting, still learning, still loving it.
My present work uses a combination of clay, glaze and glass to make platters and bowls.  One of the influences for this work is the way my grandchildren work with clay.  Lots of colour and exuberance, and nothing symmetrical. 
I hope that you get as much pleasure from my work as I do creating it.

My studio is part of our cliff top home and overlooks the Hauraki Gulf. I'm completely happy being in such a beautiful place, creating work that I really like.


Open every day of the Arts Tour and most other days when the sign is out, or ring first. 

My studio the "Gannets Nest"
(Look for the pair of Gannets at the bottom of my drive)
is located at
1800 Wyuna Bay Rd,
Ph. 07 8668582 
Mobile: 020 4003-1399  or  020 4191-8582