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Kim's Art
Green necklace & earrings.jpg
Large Glass hand made Nikau Frond.
Artist's Statement

My love of all things glass started when I was on holiday with my mum, I was 12 years old and she took me to see the Hokitika Glass factory.  Ever since that day I have loved how glass can be made and changed into so many things. I have collected different types of glass ever since then.

When I moved back home to Coromandel in 1985, I started a job at James & Turner.  Norman James taught me to cut glass soon after starting, as they were the only suppliers back then and I was keen to work with it. It was a good start to what I have always known that one day I would work with glass as an art. Back then I didn’t know how or when but I knew I would one day. About four years ago I was putting on a pair of earrings (hand made of glass, of course) and I thought you could make these – have a go. So KNK Glass Art was born.


Fusing glass in a kiln over 1200 degrees is exciting and challenging and I love it. Molten glass is so graceful when it moves and as it cools you can see it changing before your eyes and sometimes you just don’t know what you are going to end up with. Every piece is unique and interesting. I have recently brought a larger kiln so that I can start to make some large fused platters and art sculptures.


Coromandel is one of the most beautiful, rustic, original, creative places to live in our world so finding inspiration is easy. Every day there is something else to inspire and challenge me to try something new.

I am now working in our studio full time. I will be either sanding and finishing Kevin's wood creations or playing and experimenting with glass, and I love it.


My work is available to be viewed at our studio, "The Workshop" or at Driving Creek Railway. Our studio is open most days from 10am-4pm or by appointment, please just phone.

"The Workshop"

  1613 Manaia Road, State Highway 25, Coromandel

   (Beside the Coromandel Oyster Company)


p:  07 8667242 or 021 866724



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