Lisa Corston

My Art
Artist Statement

Life is a constant continuum of change. Every experience offering up a unique weave of flavours, textures and tones. My response-ability to how life unfolds becomes reflected through my creative process.

The materials I choose to play with therefore becomes based upon what their unique qualities can offer me.  Then the dance begins, a moving dialogue between artist and material.  Textures may emerge that are smooth with a delicate flavour of transparency, or perhaps a gritty roughness with a taste of visceral rawness.  When space is created for the unexpected, spontaneous and surprising results can appear ... and so the artworks that emerge from this dance simply become snapshots of a constant and evolving weaving of the qualities within my own life.

For along time now oil sticks have been one of my favourite materials to play with, for they offer qualities of rich textures through which I am engaging in my current pleasure of exploring the depths of colour itself.

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