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My Art
Artist's Statement

My artwork is a response to how life is constantly shifting and changing around and through me. I have a great love for the grit and rawness of deep, rich, ancient earth colours. For those textures and colours that emerge from underground, playing with these elements through paint on canvas and in sculpted form through clay.  Oil sticks are a loved painting material, terracotta along with natural oxide glazes are the materials I find pleasure in sculpting with. 


Currently I am sculpting ‘Womb Women’ a dedication to all the women in my female ancestral line, to my 100 thousand Grandmothers spanning back through 2.5 million years of humanity. One woman giving birth to the next, on and on through time, until here and now. Each woman with her own personal story, her own voice, and all are woven through my DNA as a collective wisdom that deserves to be honoured. I have a desire to open my arms and gather in all my ancestors, our collective story matters.  


This year I am experimenting with different clays and oxides, as I search for the combination that will lead to one long line of ‘Womb Women’, a representation of my own unique Matriarchal lineage.


In October I am offering a preview of my work in progress when I open my temporary studio as part of the Coromandel Arts Tour.  AND THEN! In January 2023 the Major Exhibition of ‘Womb Women’ in Coromandel Town.  


Truly looking forward to meeting you and sharing my work and vision.

p:  021 175 4741

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