Nigel Sparrow

My Art
Artist Statement

I have been working creatively for most of my life. My earliest memories of ‘making’ go back to when I was about 7. I worked out how I could melt wax to make candles using string for a wick. I don’t think they burned very well but I loved making those candles.


Living in a small rural community like Coromandel using my creativity is a really important part of my life and I still enjoy the process of ‘making’.


Currently I am shifting studios to enable me to make larger works using water colour marbling techniques. I am making some beautiful pieces of clothing from marbled linen this year.


I also continue to carve rock – my current favourite rocks are argillite, pounamu and rocks from the braided rivers of the South Island.


My most recent area of creative work comes from the digital reworking I do on photos I take. My favourite images come from pictures I’ve taken of local landscape and flora.