Stuart Fyfe

My Art
Artist Statement

Stuart Fyfe began potting in 1989 following redundancy.  He was a Pottery tutor for seven  years at King Street Art Works in Masterton which catered for people with mental ill health.  He also taught at evening classes in the Wairarapa before moving to Coromandel Town in 2003.

His hand built bowls are inspired by the natural environment and the ever changing growth and decay of plant structures and of geological structures.  Due to visual impairment , Stuart uses glazes for effect rather than hand brushed decoration.The layering and placement of glazes produces interesting results and textures on his work.


Stuart produces hand thrown pots as well as hand built sculptural bowls.

He also makes a range of domestic ware including bowls, mugs and plates and terracotta tagines.


His pots are fired in a gas fired kiln in the earthenware and stoneware ranges.  He also fires a Raku kiln for special effects at lower temperatures,


Due to his visual impairment and lack of central vision his pots are glazed by over-layering and spraying glazes rather than hand brushed decoration.


Stuart invites you to visit his studio at

 531 Preeces Point Road.