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Vaughan's Paintings
Artist's Statement​

This journey for me started many years ago in England where I first got bitten. I always loved nature and the landscape, expressing that in paint seemed a natural step.  I couldn't have been more contented sitting under the sky trying to capture the hills and trees.

The road twists and turns with many a stone to trip me up and too many tales to tell on this page but it finally directed me to Coromandel. Driving up the coast road 17 years ago wondering what we would find. A wee town that seemed miles away from anywhere. Here we meet like minded people who had travelled the same road, here I would have my studio.

Whether I'm out sketching and taking photos or in my studio applying paint or printing, I use the influences of nature and my surroundings to create my work. It may be a hot bright summers day when the shadows are sharp and black or a wet winter time when the wind howls through the Blue Gums at the bottom of my garden, there will always be a picture there waiting to be painted.

"Gallery 6"

191 Kapanga Road

p:  021 148 7044


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